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 inglese x fedeeeee

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Mom: It's your first day at a new school. I'm worried about you. Paul: Mom, I'll be fine. Mom: Do you have all of your books and supplies in your backpack? Oh and I've packed you a lunch already. Paul: You didn't have to do that, Mom. I was going to buy lunch at school. Mom: Now you won't have to. I hope you make some new friends. It's no fun being a loner. It's not that you have to be popular. I just don't want you to feel left out. Paul: I'll be fine, Mom. I'd better go, or I'll be late. Mom: Do you think the school will do something special to kick off the new school year? I hope your teachers aren't too strict. Oh, your backpack weighs a ton! But you can leave most of your books in your locker, right? Paul: They don't have lockers at my new school, but I'll be fine. Mom: I hope the teachers don't already have seating plans. I know you like to sit near the back of the classroom. And I hope you won't have too much homework on the first day... Paul: Mom, stop fussing. Everything will be fine. Mom: You're my baby and I'm worried about you. Paul: Mom, I'm not starting kindergarten. I'm starting college, remember?

supplies: all of the things that you need for a particular purpose (pens, paper: things that students typically use in the school) backpack: is a bag that you wear on your back to carry student's books and supplies. to packed you a lunch: is to put some food into a small bag so students can take them, for example some sandwiches or an apple to carry with you. loner: a not popular boy, a person who is very quiet, who hasn't got many friends popular: is a boy that has many friends to feel left out: to think that you don't belong to any group to kick off: is a phrasal verb that means "to start something with a lot of enthusiasm" school year: is an year dedicated to school (it usually begins in August or in September and it ends in May or in June, depending on the school).
Strict: to follow all of the rules and make sure you obey the rules (the teacher would be very serious about the rules punishing students who don't) weighs a ton: something is very heavy (a ton is a unit of measure) locker: is a important part of house. You put in many dress. Little storage places which each student has where he can put books, food, supplies...with a key or a combination locker. They are common in high school, you can also put picture inside of your locker.
Seating plan: when a teacher decides where each student seats, sometimes in alphabetical order or based on other criteria... classroom: is the room where the students seat and the teacher gives lessons homework: are things that students have to do outside school (school assignments). stop fussing : to worry about many things that for other people aren't important.
kindergarten: school for young children, usually 5 years old, and when you're 6 years old you begin first grade at elementary school. Before kindergarten you can go to preschool: a public building, ..
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inglese x fedeeeee
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